GTC - GENERAL SALES CONDITIONS (In the case of controversy the Italian version shall prevail)

The following general sales conditions are considered to be known by all buyers.
Our sales, unless stipulated otherwise and expressly shown on our order confirmation, are effected at the following general conditions.
All orders sent to our company imply adherence without reserve on the part of the buyer to the general sales conditions of our company.

Offers are always without obligation, unless expressly indicated otherwise by us and are subordinate to the general sales conditions contained in the present list.
Offers for which a validity term is indicated are understood to be binding for our company if acceptance by the buyer reaches us within the established term. Should acceptance arrive after the established term, we retain the faculty of accepting or not.

Orders are understood to be perfected to all effects only following our written confirmation.

The supply includes only the services, materials and quantities specified in our letter of order confirmation or in any subsequent modification of the same transmitted by our company.
The text of our order confirmation shall prevail, in any case, over texts differing from any offer and order.
Nominal weights and dimensions, however and wherever shown, are indicative allowing for the tolerances in use. Fulfilment of the order allows tolerances of plus or minus 10% on the ordered weight, except for those particular dimensions or steel grades for which the tolerance shall be agreed each time.

Shipments shall be effected in accordance with the manner reported in the order confirmation (which, if different, shall prevail) and are normally effected under our care.
The goods object of the supply travel at the buyer’s own risk. In the case that the sales price includes costs up to destination, the transfer is understood to be effected by us on behalf of the buyer and consequently at his risk.

Payment of our supplies shall be made, net of all costs, discounts or taxes, in accordance with the times and methods indicated either in our order confirmation and in the invoice.

Delay in payment of all, or part of, our invoices beyond the agreed expiry gives rise to the immediate accruement of interest which will be charged at the conditions and amounts as provided by Legislative Decree no. 231 of 9.10.2002, which puts into effect the Directive 29.6.200/35/CE and any modifications.
Moreover, non-payment or delayed payment of the invoices gives our company the right, save for any other action, to claim advance payment on the remaining invoices or to consider the contract suspended or resolved and to suspend or annul the carrying out of any other contracts in course, without the buyer being able to advance claims for compensation or reimbursement or reserves in this respect; the buyer remains obliged to refund all damages (arising or for lost profit) deriving from the failed execution of such contracts.

The buyer shall acquire ownership only upon full payment of the invoice issued by the seller, but shall assume all and any risks inherent to the product, including the risk of deterioration of the same, from the moment of delivery of the product to the agreed place of destination. From such moment the seller shall be freed of all and any liability regarding the product.

The delivery dates are respected as much as possible, but are not guaranteed: failure to respect them does not determine the application of sanctions or the payment of damages, and does not allow the buyer to terminate the contract or to consider it terminated for each late delivery. In the case of force majeure (as defined below), the delivery can be moved as a function of the effect that this cause has imposed on the preparation and delivery of the merchandise. All events outside of the reasonable control of the seller are defined as cases of force majeure, including but not limited to: natural events, fires, accidents, transport delays, strikes, and government restrictions, also including the delays of the suppliers of raw material or services necessary for production.
Responsibility for the state of the materials is transferred to the buyer only and exclusively at the moment of delivery to the carrier at the points as above. Therefore, once delivery to the carrier is effected, all and every responsibility on our part ceases and the materials travel at the buyer’s risk.
Any reserves, claims, actions deriving or in any case connected with the transport and subsequent operations shall be made and/or proposed by the buyer exclusively against the carrier, our company not being responsible for what may occur after delivery of the materials to the carrier.

Completion, presentation for testing, shipment or delivery times resulting from our order confirmations have only an indicative value and are always given without guarantee. Any delays, therefore, may in no case give rise to reimbursement of damages or to termination, even partial, of the contract.
In any case the delivery deadline is observed with communication that the goods are ready for shipment or testing.

Our company guarantees material responding in every way to the characteristics and conditions specified in the order confirmation. However, it does not assume any responsibility, unless otherwise agreed, regarding applications and operations to which the supplied material is subjected by the buyer.
Any technical specifications and/or guarantee requests advanced by the Buyer shall not be taken into consideration unless shown in the order confirmation.

Our company is only a reseller and therefore the manufacturer of the goods is responsible for any claims
In any case our company will support and assist the buyer to every claim against manufacturer of the goods
Our company is only a reseller and therefore the manufacturer of the goods is responsible for any claims In any case our company will support and assist the buyer to every claim against manufacturer of the goods Any claims for goods not corresponding to what is specified in our order confirmation must be sent in writing within 8 (eight) days at most from receiving the goods, failing which entitlement lapses. The report of any hidden faults must be made in writing, failing which entitlement lapses, within 8 (eight) days from discovery.
The buyer is debarred from any right to claims should processing or the use of the material object of the contestation not be suspended immediately.
Claims and protests give the buyer no right to suspend payment of the contested goods.

In the event that any of the provisions of any contract or of these General Sales Conditions becomes invalid or unenforceable in any respect under any law, the validity and enforceability of the remaining provisions shall not in any way be affected or impaired.

Any and all derogation from these General Sales Conditions shall be agreed in writing by the Parties, and its validity and effectiveness shall in any case be limited to the specific contract in relation to which said derogation has been agreed.

The Court of Milan will be exclusively competent for any dispute arising from the interpretation and execution of this contract, or otherwise connected.

This contract is subject to Italian law since supply contract is considered to be concluded in Italy.